Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Dull Planet is released

Just yesterday my newest book, The Dull Planet: Sequel to The Musicians, went on sale. The book is a continuation of the Musicians' struggles and adventures. It is offered for $13.89 for the softcover edition at . Here is the preview:

The world is slowly falling apart, country by country. Music is on the edge of extinction. Human kind is dwindling away. The Musicians inhabiting Earth are fleeing from certain doom and people hungry for their deaths. Day by day, the lovely melodies around the planet are disappearing as a single man, appointed by the president of the USA, tears the hearts out of the remaining Musicians. No one on the planet is sane. Most wander the streets, searching for anything music-related to destroy. Earth is chaos.
Welcome to the Dull Planet.
Get your copy now!

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