Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Musicians' Excerpt

The sky is quiet except the sound of soaring birds. It echoed through the sky softly. The ground below is home to more than 6.5 billion people. Earth is a place of peace, but also war. The inhabitants, humans, live in harmony with each other, but when tempers flare things can happen, bad things. Wars can start, singlehandedly destroying cities and countries and sending them back to the Stone Age. However, humans are an amazing species unlike no other. Peace can be made even after horrible bloodsheds.
The humans truly have come a long way. They are advanced in multiple aspects such as math and science. However, they haven’t yet discovered a key thing to their past. Something that none of them had thought of. Music has been on Earth since Ancient Greece. They have always assumed it was their making, their creation. However, they are wrong; it wasn’t humankind’s creation.
In 1985 in Detroit, Michigan, a meteor shot through the sky passing through bundles of cloud with hot flames not far behind. At first glance it appeared to be a meteor, but after a quick study, you would be proven wrong. It wasn’t a meteor, but actually a ship. Not of human origin, but alien.
It was gaining speed quickly. On the ground below spectators glanced up in amazement, their eyes wide in disbelief. It was a feat to see such a thing. Unlike meteors it was not dissipating while travelling through the Earth’s atmosphere.
 More spectators gathered, their heads awkwardly staring up. The ship was seconds from an Earth-bound collision. It was headed towards a suburban neighbourhood.
People on the street scrambled for shelter. Finally, it slammed into the tough asphalt digging deep into the moist Earth until it came to a slow halt. Slowly, people inched closer, careful not to get too close. A young boy, around the age of seven, ran to the deep crater. He stared down the dark pit and his eyes widened as two green eyes flashed back at him. Quickly, the boy let out a loud scream. It echoed through the streets and people everywhere stood in shock. The boy had been grabbed by the neck and dragged into the dark pit, only then to be silenced.
His mother was in absolute shock as she ran to the pit, but was stopped by two men thinking for her safety. Tears flowed from her eyes as she stared angrily at the crater. Her long blonde hair blew in front of her face. She, by habit, brushed it to the side. The mother’s tears and cries of agony darkened everyone’s face.
She continued to weep as her son’s limp body was slipped out of the pit. More tears came in a hurry. The boy’s face was littered with dust and minor cuts. The men let go as the sudden feeling of sadness overwhelmed them as well. Everyone bowed their head in memory of the boy, who was unfortunate to die so young.
The mother ran to her son and swept him up. She kneeled cradling him in her arms. With her right hand she held his head and with her left she brushed his face. A tear rolled down her cheek and fell through the air only to find itself on his cheek. It slowly rolled down his cheek before resting on the ground. With little strength she whispered, “My son.” 
Suddenly, the ground shook sending people diving for cover. A figure shot up from the pit; a man stood hovering in the sky. From his feet flames shot providing lift. The left side of his body was not human, but robot. His red eyes focused on the weeping mother. The man stared strongly into her eyes before shooting off into the sky.
Everyone got to their feet and rushed over to the silent mother. She was no longer weeping, but now silent as can be.
“What was that?” a man asked confused.
“I’m not too sure,” the mother answered weakly. 

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